Benefits of Naked Yoga

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 “What is naked yoga?” Naked yoga, also called nagna yoga, has been around for centuries. In India, the practice of being bare-naked can be traced back to monks and religious ascetics. Getting naked for a sadhu is symbolic, signifying they’re renouncing material possessions.

For a sadhu, the ability to break free from everything physical and earthly is one of the steps to achieve liberation moksha and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, sadhus cover themselves up with simple clothes. Still, it’s common to witness the gathering of entirely nude monks participating in the ritual of sacral bathing to wash off their sins in the holy river. Here’s a short guide on how to do naked yoga. Read on.

Naked Yoga Enhances Mind-Body Connection

Naked yoga gets rid of any sense of restriction from clothing. It promotes a greater understanding of confidence and freedom and an enhanced appreciation for the body. Seeing and feeling your body as it moves and stretches will lead to a more connected, sensual, and mindful yoga practice.

If you’re connected with your mind, you become more aware of yourself, leading you to a place where you embrace a higher consciousness and transcend earthly concerns.

If you think about the clothes’ role in society, it contradicts the meaning of yoga, which represents union. By design, clothes remind people of their differences. It doesn’t inspire dedication to spirit, compassion, and peace.

Naked Yoga Encourages Positive Body Image

Naked yoga helps you discover new means of looking at your body, inspiring you to take pride and pleasure in your physical features. It teaches you to open your heart to the world with confidence and courage. It also trains you to embrace your imperfections.

People with poor body image and low self-confidence come to appreciate their bodies when they practice nude yoga in a nurturing environment. They’ll also understand that their shame isn’t of their own but a kind of mental state that stems from emotional shackles that may prevent them from celebrating their individuality.

Naked Yoga Improves Body Posture

If you’re more flexible and more muscular, your posture improves. Most sitting and standing positions develop core strength because your core muscles need to maintain and support each position. With a stronger core, you’re more likely to do the poses well.

Naked yoga helps you gain more body awareness. In turn, it enables you to determine if you’re slumping or slouching, so you can adjust your posture.

Because you’re not wearing any clothes, you can solely focus on your posture as you flow through different positions without disturbance.

Choosing the Right Yoga Mat


Your yoga mat’s thickness has a vital role in the comfort you can get from it. Too thin, and your knee can get scratched during a specific position. Thick yoga mats can make it harder to feel a solid connection to the floor.

Yoga mats are about 1/8 thick, while the thickest is approximately 1/4 inch. Wafer-thin yoga mats or traveling yoga mats are 1/16 thick. They don’t weigh much and fold easily, making them easy to fit in a bag.


Your mat’s texture influences how much traction it offers. Like stickiness, it affects how much sliding and slipping you do. It provides physical barriers to sliding. Because texture affects how the mat feels, it’s a component of overall comfort.

If you’re looking for something that prevents slipping, use a cotton, jute, or rubber mat with a tactile pattern. Your added grip from the raised texture can help you stay still no matter how sweaty your practice gets.


Your mat’s materials affect its sponginess, eco-friendliness, stickiness, texture, and how it wears over time. Most standard mats are made of PVC. Newer, more eco-friendly options include natural cotton, jute, and natural or recycled rubber. Natural cotton is not treated with synthetic finishes during manufacturing.

If you have allergies, avoid using mats made from natural rubber. If you want to utilize tried and true sticky mats, use one made from PVC, which can endure abuse and your use for more than a decade.


Your sticky mats help you maintain your alignment while moving from one position to another and prevent sliding all over the place. It also helps when you hold positions for a few seconds.

If you need help staying still, but you hate using a mat with a raised texture, a PVC may be your best choice. Yoga mats only feel sticky when they’re clean, so make sure you maintain yours properly. If you buy a PVC mat, wash it before using it. Use a yoga wash cleaner if you notice your hands are sliding forward.


Once you’ve narrowed your choices down by price, eco-friendliness, stickiness, texture, material, and thickness, you should consider its style. You can pick your favorite print, pattern, or color.

Want to learn more about yoga and yoga mats? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Yoga Mats.

“In addition to picking a pattern and color that match your style, make sure your yoga mat best reflects your priorities, lifestyle, values, and budget.”

Naked Yoga Enhances Sexual Awareness

While naked yoga has little to do with society’s notions of eroticism or sex, it’s sexy. It’s the kind of sexy that comes from inside. It’s the kind that comes when you feel entirely alive, confident, and connected. Naked yoga enables you to feel aware, at home in your skin, and radiant and joyful. It allows you to be happy and free. It’s sexy to unravel your most original, integrated, sensual, sacred, powerful, primal self.

Naked Yoga Improves Self-Esteem

Without your clothes, you’ll be able to see how your body looks in certain positions more clearly. It allows you to determine what you need to adjust and what muscles look tight. Doing naked yoga in front of a mirror provides a closer look to perfect your poses.

People also have to be confident to get naked in a room full of strangers. But doing this can also go far in helping them address self-confidence issues. Diving headfirst into their insecurities is an excellent means of overcoming and facing them.

Reasons Why A Cork Yoga Mat Is Perfect for Naked Yoga

Yoga mats made from cork have non-slip features, which helps with moisture. On top of the cork’s solid molecular structure, it produces a waxy substance called Suberin when you add water. It creates a solid grip no matter how wet the mat gets.

Cork doesn’t get slippery when it gets too wet. It remains non-slip during the sweatiest parts of a yoga session. You’ll never have to worry about bringing a towel or slipping again. To maximize your grip, apply a small amount of water on the area of your feet and hands.

Here are a few additional benefits of using a cork yoga mat.

Resilient & Flexible

Because cork has a solid molecular structure and low density, it gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll have a light mat but still lasts for around two years with regular use. If you’re worried about whether cork prevents the mat from being rolled up, cork is flexible, and limber makes it easy to store away.

Cork yoga mats can be repeatedly unrolled and rolled with the material still intact.

Easy to Clean

Mats made from cork eliminate odors, bacteria, and germs, meaning they don’t need to be cleaned and sprayed regularly. Suberin repels small dust particles, making the mat a self-cleaning, healthy area for your yoga session. Even if not necessary, you can still use regular water or standard spray if you want to clean your mat.

However, that’s not necessary with cork.


Cork is naturally antibacterial, making the mat hygienic. It also eliminates odors. You can also use all-natural cleaners because the mat is easy to clean. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your mat.

Learning More About Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is something that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about. It’s just a modern way of making you feel comfortable and confident with your body. If you need a great companion during your session, you can always use a cork yoga mat.

With the benefits you can get from cork yoga mats, you can enjoy your time more. Talk to one of our representatives to learn more about the bundles we offer.

Benefits of Naked Yoga FAQs

Is it better to do naked yoga or clothed yoga?

While being naked around strangers may sound scary, those who have done naked yoga say it can help people celebrate and boost self-confidence. Naked yoga brings in a new level of authenticity and honesty. Naked yoga also allows people to have more freedom from the constraints of life.

How long should I do naked yoga in a day to enjoy the benefits?

You can practice yoga as often as your body will allow and as often as you’d like. If you’re new to yoga, start slow with one or two sessions a week and slowly increase that number. More experienced yoga practitioners have longer sessions on a schedule to allow for recovery. Even more experienced people have been known to check in about how frequently they should be practicing.

What is the best time to do naked yoga?

The best time to do yoga is the time that works best for you. Because the key to getting all of the benefits that yoga offers is consistent practice over time, you should find the routine that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Your daily schedule and lifestyle may change over time as your life changes.

For example, you may have attended evening yoga classes after work for years. But then you had kids. It’s easier to go early in the morning before work or during the day while they’re at school.

It doesn’t matter if you do yoga at different times as long as you find a sustainable routine. Let yoga fit into your schedule instead of trying to work your schedule around it.

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