We are Corq

Corq was started with a simple vision for sustainable yoga practices. We wanted to design yoga mats that upheld the highest standards for durability, performance, and sustainability. With that goal in mind, we went on the hunt to source materials that were eco-friendly and everlasting. We found cork - and we were hooked.

Our Journey

Corq is based out of Calgary, Canada, home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges known to man. Also home to sub-zero temperatures almost year round.

When my wife and I moved there three years ago, hot yoga quickly became a staple in our routine. But we soon realized that our yoga mats couldn’t handle the heat (or more specifically, the sweat). We went on the search for a yoga mat that had better grip, but still enough cushion to provide comfort, and - shockingly - we couldn't find any!

Discovering Cork Yoga Mats

Inspiration struck on a trip to Portugal, when we decided to take a tour of a cork forest in the Alentejo region. It was there that we learned about the incredible & sustainable practice of harvesting cork.

And we also learned something else: cork is used for more than just wine bottles, coasters and pin boards. In fact, our guide taught us that cork was ideal for yoga and exercise mats due to its excellent grip, resistance to moisture, anti-microbial properties, and easy maintenance.

We put two and two together and… well, the rest is history. We got to work and we launched Corq, and we’re proud to say that we design all our mats with durability, performance, and sustainability in mind. Our cork mats are used and loved by yogis all over the world and we can’t wait for you to try them!


So what are you waiting for?