The Perfect Material for Yoga Mats

Our mats are made with premium cork, sustainably harvested from Portugal. There's a lot to love about this material, so we wanted to spread the good word.

Great for Planet Earth

Cork comes from the Quercus suber tree, which lives up to 200 years old. The outer bark of the tree is harvested once every 9 to 15 years using an age old method of removing just the outer bark without harming the tree. This outer bark is collected, set out to dry, and eventually processed into cork. Meanwhile, the tree is left to regenerate it's bark

This practice has resulted in thousands of acres of protected forests in Portugal, and these forests grow annually by about 4%. The cork industry sustains over 15,000 jobs, and the forests act as a natural habitat for thousands of species of birds, plants, and other animals.

Cork is 100% recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, and harvesting cork is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Why Cork is Perfect for Yoga Mats

We're pretty confident in declaring that cork makes the best yoga mats. The way it's harvested appeals to our Yogi ideals, but more importantly, the material itself has many properties that are perfect for mat construction. Here's a rundown of some of the key attributes.


Cork's honeycomb structure means tons of friction and grip, and it gets even gripper with moisture

Resilient & Flexible

Resistant to moisture & extremely flexible, cork has cellular properties that repel liquids & help retain it's shape

Easy to Clean

All the natural properties (chemical free, antimicrobial, moisture resistant) means cleaning is a breeze


Cork resists the growth of any bacteria or mites, so it never smells, and is hypoallergenic so ideal for those w/ allergies


Cork is 100% recyclable, renewable, biodegradable. No tree is cut down for cork, and even the waste is reused

Extra Cushion

Cork is 50% air, which provides added cushion when using the mat to provide added comfort

We source only the highest quality cork for our yoga mats