The Corq Kids Mat (1.5mm) Mats Corq Yoga

The Corq Kids Mat (1.5mm)

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Introducing the Corq kids mat, made for our youngest yogis. Like all our mats, it is created from premium fine grain cork, natural tree rubber, and is the perfect size for those just starting their yoga & fitness journeys. Its design provides ultimate comfort and support that will work indoors, outdoors and anywhere kids practice!


  • Dimensions: 61cm X 122cm (24" X 48") - Built to give kids the space they need to practice in peace
  • Thickness: 1.5mm (0.12")
  • Anti-Slip: Topped with premium, renewable cork meaning your mat becomes gripper and more slip resistant as you sweat
  • Low Maintenance: Naturally anti-microbial, meaning less cleaning than a rubber mat 
  • A Grippy Base: Natural tree rubber base means your mat stays right where you want it to, while still being eco-friendly


4 easy steps to keeping your Corq products clean:

1. Combine water + drops of essential oils (optional)

2. Use soft towel and water mix to scrub your Corq product

3. If a mat, hang (or lie flat, cork-side up) to dry and always roll cork-side out

Customer Reviews

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Best kids mat we've tried!

Our 9 year old LOVES their Corq mat. We've tried a few now and this has been by far the best. It never stinks, is super grippy, and most of all they love how it looks and feels!

"I do hot yoga 3x week and I have never slipped. Despite my profuse sweating, the mat never stinks!"

Perfect for Yoga & at home fitness

Corq Yoga Mats

Our premium quality cork ensures your mat becomes grippier and more slip-resistant as you sweat.

Corq Yoga Mats

Naturally anti-microbial materials make this the most low maintenance yoga mat you'll ever have.

Corq Yoga Mats

Sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. Amazing material, great for the planet.

Corq, in Real life

Don't Fret the Sweat

The amazing properties of cork create a perfect top layer for sweaty yogis or hot yoga. No need to use an extra towel — just sweat freely, and enjoy the premium grip!

Corq Yoga Mats
Superior Cushion

You'll love the feel of our mats in every imaginable asana, as a nice layer of natural tree rubber give our mats a extremely comfortable cushion.


With each order, we fund the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project project to neutralize the emissions created through shipping our products to you.


We stand by all our products, and we’re confident you’ll love your new Corq mat. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer 30-day returns.