For the Love of Sweat.


Premium Cork Yoga Mats for People Who Love to Sweat!

Introducing The Corq Mat. It was designed for your practice to maintain & increase grip as moisture is introduced. Perfect for sweaty people like you.

Not All Mats Are Created Equal.

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Dont Fret the Sweat.

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"...I find it to be amazing at absorbing sweat, controlling slip, & providing great grip. Im so happy with my Corq mat and the sustainability behind it..."


"...Unlike other mats I’ve used the Corq mat actually gets stickier as it gets moist, so I had no need for an additional towel in the hot yoga class I used it in..."


"...Not only is this mat BEAUTIFUL, it is soft, supportive and has just the right amount of grip for a strong yoga practice. No need to use a yoga towel when using this mat in hot yoga!..."


"...The ‘towel-less’ convenience of the mat makes me feel much more connected to my practice and the feeling of cork truly makes it seem like you’re one with the Earth! The grip is unparalleled to any other mat I’ve tried - overall couldn’t be more in love!"


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